Indian Lake Watershed Project Accomplishments


“Lake Raker” Weed Harvester

Indian Lake Equipment Buy Down ProgramIndian Lake’s very own weed harvester was purchased with over $127,000 in donations received from supporters (individuals and local businesses) of the Indian Lake Watershed Project.

The “Lake Raker” can be seen during the summer season, harvesting the aquatic weeds in the channels of the lake to help improve the navigation for boaters. The aquatic weeds are the result of the 20+ years of improvements in the water quality at Indian Lake. 

Thank you Indian Lake watershed agriculture producers and waterfront property owners for your participation in our programs that focused on reducing the sedimentation and nutrients from flowing into the lake.

Equipment Buy Down Program

Indian Lake Equipment Buy Down Program45 no-till planters and 23 no-till drills were purchased with cost share assistance offered by the ILWP funded by Ohio EPA 319 grant funds. The total cost for these pieces of equipment's $1,385,531.44

Low Interest Loan Program

Indian Lake Watershed Program Low Interest Loan ProgramThe Water Pollution Control Loan Fund or Low Interest Loan Program  was developed by Ohio EPA to provide low interest rate loans and other forms of assistance for water pollution control projects.  To date 24 applications for no-till planters, no-till drills, compost barn, liquid manure spreader, GPS system, and a chopper pump for lagoon have received loan interest rate reduction.  The Total cost of the equipment was $742,874.00

Pesticide/Nutrient Containment Facilities

Indian Lake Watershed Project PesticideTo demonstrate the need to reduce potential pesticide and nutrient contamination in the Indian Lake Watershed Project area the ILWP offered cost share assistance provided through Ohio EPA grant funds to install 4 pesticide/nutrient containment systems on 4 farms located in the watershed area.  The total cost of these 4 systems was $43,236.00.

Filter Strips / Grassed Waterways

Best described as strips or small areas of land in permanent vegetation or trees, filter strips help control potential pollutants and manage other environmental concerns.  Filter strips slow water runoff, trap sediment, and enhance water infiltration in the filter strip itself.  They also trap fertilizers, pesticides, bacteria, pathogens and heavy metals, minimizing the chances of these potential pollutants from reaching surface water and ground water sources.  They protect livestock from harsh weather, offer a natural habitat for wildlife, and improve fish habitat.  Approximately 264 acres of wooded and grassed filter strips have been installed with the cost share assistance provided by Ohio EPA grant funds.  

A grassed waterway is a natural or constructed channel that is shaped or graded to the required dimensions and established in suitable vegetation for the stable conveyance of runoff.   Grassed waterways in farm fields are often essential to a good water disposal system.  When properly installed and maintained, they prevent gully erosion, accelerate infiltration, and filter potential pollutants from runoff water.  Approximately 74.4 acres of grassed waterways have been installed with the cost share assistance provided from USDA-Farm Service Agency. 

Indian Lake Watershed Project Tree Filter Strip
Indian Lake Watershed Project Grasses Filter Strip
Indian Lake Watershed Project Grassed Waterway


Indian Lake Watershed Project WetlandsWetlands are a common sense way to protect the environment and improve water quality.  They are best described as a shallow water area between cropland and lakes or streams.  They support water loving plants, shrubs and trees such as cattails or willows.  Wetlands are referred to as the kidneys of Mother Nature for they filter out the impurities in water while providing habitat for wildlife.  Wetlands can store excess water thus preventing downstream flooding and serve as a source of groundwater recharge to replenish our precious underground aquifers.  6 acres of wetlands have been installed in the Indian Lake Watershed Project area - 3 at Indian Lake State Park and 3 others in the watershed.  The wetland at Old Field Beach filters run-off from the parking lot before it enters the lake.  The wetland at the Nature Center is used for educational purposes for the Nature Center programs.  the 3rd wetland was developed for a wildlife habitat.  A demonstration wetland was installed on the Norman Johnson farm for the purpose of monitoring cropland run-off.   Dr. William Mitch and OSU grad students monitored the site for 3 years and results were the basis for a master thesis.  The remaining 2 wetlands were designed to filter livestock facilities located on the O'Connor Farms near the lake.


Conservation Easements

Indian Lake Watershed Project Conservation EasementThe purpose of the easement program is to permanently protect, manage, maintain and enhance the functional values of the riparian corridor for the conservation of natural values including fish and wildlife habitat, water quality improvement, flood water retention, groundwater recharge, open space, aesthetic values and environmental education.  The easement limits or prohibits development and/or any practice that would damage the scenic, open space, natural or historic aspects of the property.  Currently there is 8.235 acres enrolled in the Conservation Easement Program.  Farmland Preservation is a movement on the part of individuals and communities to permanently protect agricultural lands.  A not-for-profit organization has recently been formed in Logan County to protect land resources important to the quality of life in their communities.  The Logan County Land Trust (LCLT) works in voluntary cooperation with landowners to permanently preserve their land and other natural resources.    The LCLT accepts easements on farms that owners have decided to preserve forever.  Their members are land owners, farmers, conservationists, professionals, educators and other community members interested in preserving farmland, scenic open spaces and other natural areas to maintain the integrity and rural character of Logan and surrounding counties.



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